#1 Gratitude over bad attitude

I have invested a lot of time going through my thoughts, finding reasons why I think like that and how can I improve that specific mindset. What I figured out is that my life isn’t bad, my attitude towards it is. I came to conclusion that my past is something that can not be changed, therefore I don’t need to worry about it; only learn or improve, remember or forget. My present is something I’m dealing with now and I should be grateful for everything I achieved through good or bad, do my best at what challenges me in this moment and accept defeat over situations I can’t overcome, move on.  My future is in my hands. Events that may occur in the future can affect my plans, but plans can also be changed depending on these events. Having one road is not mandatory. There are many roads to be chosen from and many roads to be built. There is always a solution to a problem. And a problem will be a motive to create a solution. My mind has controlled me most of my life, now it’s time for me to control my mind.

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